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The town of Dundee in Illinois has been able to hold onto much of its “Old Town” character despite the growth that all of the suburbs of Chicago have had, and continue to experience.

However, there are areas that have changed. For those, old enough to remember, the Chateau Louise is a fond memory. The charm and appeal of the Chateau set it apart from any destination spot in the U. S. There was no place that could compare!


How did a small little barn, with 17 small motel rooms, nestled off a lazy 2 lane route in the country, expand into a 22 acre resort hotel complex with four distinctive restaurants, each with their own menu and finishing kitchen, five bars (three with entertainment), a dinner theater, pool, shops and banquet facilities for 500?

How and why was the Chateau so unique?

In 1969, the Chateau was rated one of the top 10 volume restaurants in all of Chicagoland. What events transpired to merit the fate of a wrecking ball a handful of years later?

These questions and much more are answered in the publication.


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