In the fall of 2000, no one would have imagined that the undertaking that began as a matter of personal interest, would grow into this coffee-table sized 160-page 4-color publication that beautifully traces the history of the Dundee Township. This includes East and West Dundee, Old Carpentersville and Meadowdale.

When the author, Phil Aleo, began this project, he had no intention of it growing into a book. He has always enjoyed working with photography and sincerely loves history. As this endeavor began to take shape, it became apparent to him that he had an obligation to the community to make this unique work available to all.

Not only did he compile this book, he formatted it, designed it and took all the modern photographs himself. He then took it upon himself to do the publishing. This book is truly a treasure that each household should have. It will become a keepsake for generations to come.

Sample Pages

Dundee sample pages.png