High Performance Interviewing
By David King, Jim Starkey

High Performance Interviewing is a concise guide to winning in the interviews that can change your life. It is a neatly constructed publication combining the collective wisdom and learning of two senior executives David King and Jim Starkey, both of whom have experienced over twenty years of interviewing and being interviewed.

High Performance Interviewing comprises seven key concepts and further divides these into both sub-concepts and actions providing the reader with over 50 ideas to sharpen their interview technique. Unlike other books on the subject HPI does not seek to list multiple questions and suggest answers. Instead it provides an integrated toolbox with which to build the skills that enable you to navigate and capitalize on any interview situation.

The seven concepts can be read and assimilated rapidly. Summaries at the end of each chapter are ideal for refreshing your memory. Application of any of the concepts will improve your interview performance. Combining them will give you a step change.

About the Authors

David King is chairman of Ascade, a telecom software company, and CEO of Flexenclosure, a company providing green-tech solutions to the telecom industry. Based in Stockholm, he has twelve years experience in senior executive roles in European and U.S. high-tech companies. David spent seven years as a strategy consultant and holds an MBA from London Business School.

Jim Starkey leads the marketing function at OTTO, a North American control-switch manufacturing company. His career spans twenty-five years in engineering and marketing positions at AT&T, Lucent and UTStarcom. He holds a master’s degree in telecommunications from the University of Colorado.



“If you master half of what David and Jim suggest in this book, you’ll be well ahead of the pack. HPI is the smartest, most impactful book I’ve read on the subject in a long time – the icing on the cake is that it’s also incredibly fast and easy to absorb.” 

Kate Bullis, Co-founder and Managing Partner, SEBA International Executive Search

“I found myself nodding and saying yes, yes, as I read this book. As someone who interviews executives for a living, this is an essential read for anyone exploring new career opportunities.” 

Doug Tetzner, Partner, ODGERS BERNDTSON

“The authors have captured the essence of a successful interview, from preparation through follow-up, and delivered it in an outstanding format. A “must read” for the interviewer and the interviewee for any executive position.”
James Latham, Chief Marketing Officer, OpenText

Sample Pages

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