The Strater Hotel story takes you on an unforgettable journey. Beginning with the birth of Durango, Colorado in 1881, it guides you through the development of this historic town and the impact one man’s dream has had, and continues to have on the entire region.

There is truly no hotel and no history of a hotel, that compares to the Strater Hotel Story.

This 208 page full color publication is literally filled with hundreds of photographs, many going back to the 1880’s, when Durango was in her infancy.

Along with the photographic treasures are a detailed written history of the development of Durango at its birth and the story behind the Strater family that moved to Durango in 1880-81.

Phil Aleo then develops the history of the Strater from it conception to the present, supported by beautifully restored photographs. He includes a photo tour of the Strater as it stands today.

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