Philip A. Aleo



 Life has blessed me with the opportunity of finding my passion and the ability and circumstances to pursue them. I am referring to travel,  history and photography. The privilege of being an author has united the 3 passions.

          My first book titled: Dundee Township - Moments Frozen In Time, was published in 2002. When I first began researching the Dundee area, I had no intention of producing a published book. I just always loved to research and then document my findings. I ended up doing this extensively with the Dundee area, particularly with photographs. In time, the collection was becoming quite substantial. When I would share these with others, their enthusiasm and comments really had an impact on me. Motivated by their encouragement, I decided that I couldn't keep this research to myself. I decided to take my project to the next level and publish my findings. This first book was a huge success in the Dundee Township area. It was through this experience that I recognized my passion and started my career of Historical - Photographic Books.



It is my sincere hope that my works bring you enjoyment.

Thank you for your interest!